For more than 20 years, MailWise has amassed a postal distribution network unsurpassed in the industry. We boast global, pre-negotiated postal contracts to provide a high level of service and value to our clients.

in other words ... we got this.

About Mailwise

We have brought first-class postal networks to South Africa; we are ICASA accredited and a preferred supplier to most corporate entities in South Africa.

“MailWise provides solutions that cut out non-delivery and pilferage in the bulk mailing industry throughout South Africa. We lead by example, through innovation and collaboration with other market leaders, to help you drive your business to new heights.” – MailWise South Africa CEO, Shaun Westmorland.

MailWise is a leading bulk-mail distribution service. We offer secure, professional mailing, courier and logistics services to send whatever you need to where you want it to go – swiftly and safely. We fill the service gap in the South African postal industry and we’ve been adding value for our clients for more than two decades. We’ve established outstanding relationships with postal administrations worldwide to help make sure that your package arrives where it is supposed to, with minimal risk.

Since our inception in 1996, we have established relationships based on loyalty and trust with both our clients and our partners. We deliver on service excellence and will give you economically viable tariffs.

MailWise: Less post office queues and more postal service.

Think about mail differently…
Trust the largest and most reputable distributor of international bulk mail in South Africa.
Inbound E-commerce

The inbound e-commerce distribution service has allowed for networks to be re-opened in Sub-Saharan Africa with the core focus on efficient delivery of goods purchased online...

international mail
International Mail

Mailwise has negotiated numerous postal contracts both locally and internationally. This gives MailWise unique access to key services in various destination countries...

Postal Audits

We understand every aspect of both domestic and international mail services. We can help you extract the best possible value from your mailing campaigns and projects...

domestic and international mail
Domestic and International Courier

Our partnerships with a vast network of leading local and international courier and freight companies means we can meet your freight and courier requirements...

domestic mail
Domestic Mail Services

We have established relationships with relevant South African authorities and we boast extensive knowledge of local legislation...

logistic services
Logistics Services

We tailor-make our logistics services for each of our clients, tapping into our established networks both locally and internationally...

Value-added Services

MailWise offers a host of interconnected and market-related services that will help your business achieve both short and long-term strategic goals. Taking advantage of industry knowledge and strategic acumen MailWise has the IP to satisfy most communication requirements...

Our Global Footprint

With offices located across the globe we are positioned to negotiate the best possible rates for all our international products.
The map below indicates some of our global routes and offices.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)

• MailWise, over the past 18 months, has reviewed and investigated various BBBEE models to ensure our company is compliant in terms of existing company legislation. In order to achieve our objective and ensure longevity in our approach, we have negotiated a company structure that raises our rating to a Level 2 entity with focus and commitment on progressing to the highest tier in the coming 18 months.

• Mailwise have invested and positively embraced the BBBEE model resulting in Mailwise being a majority black owned entity.

• 75% of all local suppliers are procured through Level 1 and 2 BBBEE accredited organisations.


Numerous skills development programmes have been initiated within the organisation as we firmly believe our staff members, especially those who are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, are the future of the business. Focus has been placed on transportation (Seta) aligned skills growth and development