MailWise offers a hybrid of both postal and courier services. This results in a speedy delivery, along with confirmed proof of delivery by recipient that’s far more cost-effective than conventional offerings.

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Inbound E-commerce

MailWise has invested significantly in the development of international inbound e-commerce parcel distribution into sub-saharan regions; our intent is to improve the perception of delivery security to these countries.

With the likes of live track and trace, geocode date and time stamps, along with hardcopy proof of delivery, MailWise has positioned itself to offer time-sensitive and highly secure deliveries to the international e-commerce industry.

International Mail

International bulk consolidation is MailWise Holdings’ primary service. MailWise utilises an array of highly developed networks to ensure that your mail items are distributed within designated transit times.

MailWise utilises an array of highly developed networks to ensure that your mail items are distributed within designated transit times.

Our international networks ensure that material submitted for distribution receives preferential treatment, as well as cost-effective tariffs. These tariffs are passed on to clients to ensure they receive the benefit of MailWise’s international network and pricing structure.

Postal Audits

MailWise has extensive insight into all aspects of both domestic and foreign mail services; we will audit your services and expenses to extract maximum value on your mailing campaigns and projects.

Working closely with industry leaders and postal establishments, we will streamline your processes for maximum impact and value.

Domestic amd International Courier

Through our association and relationships with influential courier companies both nationally and internationally, MailWise Holdings will ensure all domestic and international destined material is processed to allow maximum rebates and effective deliveries.

With extensive knowledge of South African distribution requirements, legislation and shipping parameters, MailWise Holdings will ensure seamless integration of local material, right through the distribution process to business and residential delivery points.

Since inception, MailWise has stressed the importance of loyalty and trust between itself and clients, ensuring the basis of a smooth and personalized service. Specialising in the handling of bulk mailing, MailWise’s focuses on delivering service excellence and economically viable tariffs
Domestic Mail Services

By reason of South African legislation, MailWise trades under the unreserved sector of the Postal Act, therefore we can facilitate and manage the distribution of your domestic mail through the South African Post Office. This means we can distribute and inject material at a number of injection points nationally to ensure a timeous and effective delivery of your items.

Furthermore, with extensive locally knowledge of South African Distribution requirements, legislation and shipping parameters, MailWise Holdings ensure a seamless integration of local material through the distribution process whether residential or postal delivery points.

Logistics Services

With access to numerous networks both locally and internationally, MailWise Holdings will analyze various solutions and formulate logistic alternatives that meet individual client requirement.

Although specialising in international mail and bulk consolidation of postal matter, MailWise has an extensive courier and freight network that will accommodate most client needs with superior service and cost effective tariffs th top priority.

Value-added Services